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Chosen non-enzymatic substances that participate in a protection against overproduction of free radicals

Pol Merkur Lekarski. 2008 Sep;25(147):269-72. Chosen non-enzymatic substances that participate in a protection against overproduction of free radicals. Gałecka E, Mrowicka M, Malinowska K, Gałecki P. Abstract Free radicals are substantial elements that take part in proper function of metabolic pathways of human cells and tissues in hydrophobic as well as in hydrophilic environment. Nevertheless

Activity of selected enzymes in erythrocytes and level of plasma antioxidants in response to single whole-body cryostimulation in humans.

Lubkowska A, Dolegowska B, Szygula Z, Klimek A. Abstract The influence of extremely low temperatures on the human body and physiological reactions is not fully understood. The aim of this research was to estimate the influence of a single exposure to cryogenic temperature (-130 degrees C), without subsequent kinesiotherapy, on the activity of the most

Whole-body cryotherapy in patients with inflammatory rheumatic disease. A prospective study

[Article in German] Braun KP1, Brookman-Amissah S, Geissler K, Ast D, May M, Ernst H. Author information 1Praxis für Allgemeinmedizin (Inhaber: MR Dr. H.-P. Braun), Albert-Schweitzer-Strasse 11, 03050 Cottbus. kay-p.braun@web.de Abstract BACKGROUND: As yet, whole-body cryotherapy is especially used for the therapy of chronic inflammatory arthritis. An analgetic effect has been described in several studies.

Studies on Whole-body Cryotherapy

WHOLE-BODY CRYOTHERAPY IN INFLAMMATORY AND NON-INFLAMMATORY RHEUMATIC DISEASES KARGUS, K.BLUM, T. TÄUBER, J. TEUBER, BAYREUTH   Since 1999, our clinic is equipped with a whole-body cryochamber which is used to combat rheumatic disorders. The cryochamber design is a two-chamber system consisting of an antechamber with a temperature of approx. -60°C and a main chamber with


Cryogenic physiotherapy— medical and generally therapeutic procedure based oil the short-term contact of the skin stuface with the gas cooled to the temperature of -IS0°C to -120° C. The duration of the contact is considerably important. Since the skin surface has to be cooled to the temperature low than 0° C (32° F) for at


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