We invite you to experience the CVAC™ process. It’s a safe and natural effort-free physical conditioning™ methodology unlike anything else on Earth.

During the CVAC process, you’ll sit while your body is surrounded by precisely composed rhythmic changes in pressure, temperature and density of air. As your body adapts to these changes, you will Discover the Impossible You™.

It’s Safe and Natural

The CVAC process works by applying patterned pressure changes to fresh air. Your body is physically conditioned as it adapts to these changes.
The CVAC process doesn’t use chemicals, additives, or nitrogen / oxygen separators.

It’s Easy

You’ll experience the CVAC process by relaxing in a comfortable pod for as little as 20 minutes, two or more times per week[i].
Use this valuable ‘alone time‘ to read, catch up on emails or phone calls, or even take a nap.

CVAC Benefits

CVAC is 100% safe and natural – there are no chemicals, additives or nitrogen/oxygen separators. Like all Complete Clinics programs, your CVAC process will be customized to your unique goals and body composition, allowing you to achieve maximum benefits in the areas of:

• Improved stamina
• Accelerated weight loss
• Increased feeling of alertness and mental acuity (cognitive fitness)
• Reduced inflammation and swelling
• Improved recovery after exertion
• Lactic Acid drainage (helps with pain reduction in fibromyalgia)
• Enhanced athletic performance
• Improved hormonal balance
• Improved sleep (deeper, more restful sleep; decreased wake-ups)
• Increased power and strength


The treatments presented are for the use of our patrons. We are a non-medical facility and do not claim to treat or heal any conditions.

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