Women’s Self-Defense

Get Trained by a Fourth Degree Black Belt, Master Instructor

David Teitelbaum —

began training in Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do from age 7 in 1976 under Master Nam K. Hyong, 7th Degree Black Belt and owner of Hyong’s Martial Arts Academy in Champaign, Illinois. Master Hyong was affiliated with the World Tae Kwon Do Federation (WTF) in Seoul, Korea. The WTF has since gained ascendency among the various competing federations and is now the body that governs the practice of Tae Kwon Do as an Olympic event. Teitelbaum continued to train and earned his First Degree Black Belt in 1981 at age 12 under younger brother and 5th Degree black belt Master Namsoo Hyong. He was one of the youngest students to achieve this rank at that time in WTF history. In 1982, Teitelbaum’s instructors made a philosophical break from the model of competitive martial arts, and

devoted their practice instead to using martial arts training as a holistic way to develop the practitioner

physically, mentally and socially. Originally trained as a competitor, Teitelbaum was among the first eneficiaries of this philosophical development, and assisted in the development of this program over the next decades. Throughout college at the University of Illinois, where he studied Russian Language and Music Theory, he was Head Instructor of the Illini Tae Kwon Do Club, where he taught more than 1,000 Students. He ran a full-time academy from 1998-2003, and earned the rank of Fourth Degree Black Belt, Master Instructor. He introduced Martial Arts training to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s After School All Stars program for homeless children in New York City in 2003. He has training also in Aikido, Taekkyeon and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Self Defense Training

Who: girls 12+ and women of any age

Where: Help For Health Spa and Yoga

2800 Gallows Rd., Vienna, VA 22180

When: Saturday afternoons by appointment

How Much: $100 per couple for 4-hour course

Special: bring 3 others and your tuition is free


All Women and especially Parents of Rising College Freshman Girls!!

SEXUAL ASSAULT on college campuses is all over the national news and ESPECIALLY IN VIRGINIA.

Have you prepared your daughters for the potential dangers of college life?

Announcing: Women’s self-Defense training

Father-Daughter / husband-wife / brother-sister

Women bring any man they are comfortable with to play the role of attacker.

A four-hour course will cover the most important principles:

  • Awareness: Understanding the mindset that girls MUST have in order to recognize a dangerous situation

  • Avoidance: Strategies for preventing an attack BEFORE it ever occurs

  • DisEngagement: Practical techniques for escaping when grabbed, pulled, held down

  • Counterattack: Simple techniques to disable an attacker and cause maximum impact to facilitate ESCAPE

Instruction focuses on the principles involved in self-defense situations, with several techniques to demonstrate their application. In this way, when the student masters the principle, it will not matter which technique she applies. ‐› ‐› ‐› Minimal memorization and maximum retention! Men will also gain valuable practical self-defense skills! ‹‐ ‹‐ ‹‐

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