Colon Hydrotherapy for Pre-endoscopy preparation

Written by Hebei Medical Journal, Dec 2004, Vol 25, No. 12 Nurse Hua JH, Surgeon Zhao Fa, Guo LinLi


Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of colon hydrotherapy in preparing the large bowel for colonoscopy, as a new approach to pre-colonoscopy preparation.

Method:  Colon hydrotherapy was carried out in 690 patients who were scheduled for colon-oscopy.  The degree of cleansing achieved was determined and documented after colonoscopy.

Results: Colon hydrotherapy procedure carried out to prepare the large bowel for colonoscopy was successful in 98% of cases.

Summary: Colon hydrotherapy is an effective means of cleansing the large bowel in cases undergoing colonoscopy.  It is more effective than the use of either oral mannitol or magnesium sulfate as a means of cleansing the large intestines prior to colonoscopy.

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