The following testimonial contains so many beneficial aspects that we thought should be included as a reference article:

“This is something I must share. I purchased a Groupon for cryotherapy after seeing it on several television shows and then I researched its benefits online. When I saw it has helped other people who had arthritis I thought I would give it a try. I was a little skeptical and a little anxious when I scheduled the appointment. When I arrived Kathi the owner made me feel welcome – she explained everything to me; she is very knowledgeable and is certified – this put me at ease. The main reason I went to Help For Health was seeking pain relief, which I got even after the first treatment. I have taken medication twice a day for three years even trying different kinds of arthritis meds and they don’t always work. I also take medication to sleep at night. I have not taken any sleep medication since my first treatment of cryotherapy and I have only taken my arthritis meds once or twice a week. I have been going for several weeks and each time I notice I’m getting better each time. My pain level used to be an eight on a scale of 10 most days with meds. now I take it once or twice a week with pain levels 0 to 2 with no medication. It is so wonderful to feel good and pain free most days. I also have had some other benefits from cryotherapy. I have noticed my muscles are firmer,  skin texture is better/tighter and it looks better, my stress level is down, mental clarity and over all well being is better, feeling calm and happier. It has also reduced the appearance of cellulite. I have lost a few pounds because you can burn 500 to 800 calories with each treatment that’s only two and a half minutes, but it keeps burning calories long after your session. This is all a bonus to me because my main reason I tried cryotherapy was for pain relief. The cost is comparable to the price you pay for meds. Why put that stuff in your body if you don’t have to. I’m very excited about this find and I am grateful to Kathi for her knowledge. My gratitude goes to Help For Health. I Will let you know how my progress goes as I continue cryotherapy treatment. Again I can’t Thank Kathi enough for helping me and improving my quality of life.” – Roe E.

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