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Massage Treatments Are Now Available st Help For Health

TuiNa/Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

A combination of Chinese ancient massage and deep tissue massage. TuiNa uses kneading, pressing, rolling, (vital energy) and blood flow, to improve the function of tendons, bones, and joints.

Swedish Massage

The most commonly used form of classical Western massage, generally performed in the direction of the heart, sometimes with active or passive movement of the joints. It is used especially for relaxation, relief tension, and improvement of circulation and range of motion.

Cupping Therapy

It works by creation if a vacuum on the back, neck, limbs and feet. This helps to clear blocked areas, loosen muscles, expel cold and damp from the tissues-reducing swelling and pain and increasing the blood flow to these areas. It is especially used to expect colds and flu, sore throats, to heal muscle stiffness & aches, and strengthen the lower back.

Facial Lifting Massage

This wonderfully relaxing treatment lessens wrinkles and expression lines, tightens facial contours, tones and improves the complexion, releases stress and tension in surrounding muscles, soothes tension headaches, eyestrain and stress-related symptoms, enhances feelings of well-being and encourages a positive and confident appearance.

Infrared Body Wrap

As the body is heated from the inside out, it forces out toxins from under the skin. Helps weight loos and body detoxification by heating the body, but not the room. People that cannot tolerate the heat of a sauna may like this better. Treatments include Ultrasonic, High-Frequency, Skin Scrubber, Bio Skin Lift Microcurrent, Galvanic, and Brush & Spot Remover.

Foot Reflexology

It is the pressure massage of certain reflex nerve endings located in one or both feet that correspond to specific body organs and parts. When you stimulate these nerve endings, it stimulates circulation in these areas and aids the body’s very own healing process.

Hot Stone Massage

It is a massage technique that uses heated stone to relax and massage sore muscles. The stones can be used for their heat alone, or as massage tools used in combination with essential oils used with aromatherapy.

Price List

Massage Therapy

30min                                       $50

60min                                       $80

90min                                     $100

Scrub                                        $40

Cupping                                   $40

Infrared Body Wrap

60 Min                                    $79


$1 per minute

Grand Opening Package Special

60 min massage & 60 min body wrap $100

Massage 1

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