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Best Hydro-Massage Fairfax VA

Help For Health offers the Best Hydro-Massage in Fairfax VA.  Compare us.  We offer free Wifi, free shower and free ozone water.  Also compare our services to those in Vienna, Mclean, Falls Church, Alexandria, Annandale , Springfield, Washington, DC, and other cities nearby.

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About the Spa Capsule Treatment

Experience a unique, multi-sensory Spa Capsule voyage into the world of relaxation and well-being, which enlivens the 4 senses. The  Spa Capsule amazingly combines all the functions of Steam, Sauna, and Vichy Shower – in a single private capsule, without you getting wet.   The Spa Capsule further enhances your experience with Chromatherapy, Aromatherapy, vitamin/mineral mist, and multi-media features.


If you are ever in need of a relaxing massage, you absolutely must try the Spa Capsule at Help For Health. i was skeptical when I first saw the machine; but after a few minutes of feeling the warm water cascading over my body (without getting wet), I felt like I had gone to heaven. Within a few minutes , every muscle in my body was so totally relaxed. I felt like I was walking on a cloud. Once I got out of the machine, I had to think really hard to remember that I was a work day, because all my tension and stress had evaporated. You must try the Spa Capsule. You will not be disappointed. – Dr. Willa Jones

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Dermscan’s Research to Support SpaCapsule’s Weight Loss/Anti-Cellulite Benefits

Dermscan’s Research to Support SpaCapsule’s Weight Loss/Anti-Cellulite Benefits Evidence of Weight Loss and Cellulite Reduction Inherent in Each SpaCapsule Usage May Be Found in International Research Center’s Clinical Trials MIAMI, FL–(Marketwire – June 9, 2010) –  Simulated Environment Concepts (PINKSHEETS: SMEV), makers of the high pressurized dry water massage and relaxation station SpaCapsule, announced […]

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Ultimate Female detox package including Sonic Trainer, Lymph Drainage, V-Steam, Colonic, Sauna Only  $149

Ultimate Male detox package including Sonic Trainer, Lymph Drainage, Colonic, Sauna, Spa Capsule Only $149

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