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the science

What We Know


  Why do we age?  As we get older, our ability to drive oxygen into the cells diminishes.  By the age of 50, we have lost 40% of your lung capacity.


Scientists believe that the 21% oxygen content of the air today was actually 35% in earlier times.  In some polluted urban areas, that number can dip as low as 12 to 15%, while most cities hover between 15 to 18%.


Even if our blood oxygen levels are perfect, the transport system to the cells may be damaged. The transfer of oxygen from the blood into the cells is perhaps the most significant factor determining whether or not you live a healthy life.
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These are some of the benefits to the different age groups:


Enhances lung function

Enhances circulation

Increases healing time

Enhances peripheral vascular disease

Increases range of motion



Decreases inflammation

Decreases stress

Increases collagen production

Increases metabolic rate

Decreases pain



Enhances the immune system

Decreases environmental toxic load

Destroys harmful bacteria



Increases energy

Decreases recovery time

Decreases anaerobic fermentation

Balances hormonal production

Decreases pain

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