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VacuStep treatments can be taken no more frequently than one per day
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I think Vacustep is great, I noticed the difference after only 6 sessions, my skin felt much smoother and after about 10 sessions i started to feel difference in how my clothes fit as well. After 20 sessions i’ve lost 9″ in total and i feel great!! I would recommend it to anyone who wants to tone up, smoothness the skin and make your skinny jeans fit you better!!! -S.


After only 5 consecutive sessions of the Vacustep, I have seen a difference in the appearance of my legs.  I have lost 3 inches total, including 1 inch from my thighs and 1 inch from my waist.  After these sessions I feel amazing! – Shannon C.



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About the VacuStep Cellulite/Fat Treatment

The VacuStep as designed to use partial air pressure along with gentle vacuum technology to encourage the blood to flow more effectively to the outer layers of skin tissue. Increasing the blood circulation, while using the VacuStep, also increases the nutrients, amino acids and oxygen delivered throughout the lower body and into the cells, helping to fuel metabolism. The result is a possible reduction in cellulite and circumference of stomach, hips, legs, and buttocks as the cells release the surplus fat and toxins.

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