On May 28. 2015, Channel 9 News aired a Health Alert interview featuring the Cryosauna Therapy available at Help For Health, Vienna VA. It featured the benefits of Cryosauna Therapy afforded a Help For Health client, Terry Doyle. Terry, a hairdresser for over 30 years, began been experiencing arthritis and tendonitis, in her elbow and hands, associated with her work. She also began experiencing night sweats, insomnia and depression due to hormonal changes caused by a bout with breast cancer. After viewing a TV report on full-body Cryotherapy, she found Help For Health on the web and began a series of CryoTherapy sessions there.


During the Health Alert interview, Kathi Fentress of Help For Health explained that during the 2-1/2 minute session, the cold temperature causes the body to go into “survival mode,” injecting oxygen, enzymes, protein and other nutrients into the blood and sending it to the organs to aid in the survival of the body in the extreme temperatures. Andrea Roane decided to try a session herself. Andrea noted that the Cryosauna delivers a minus 230 degrees Fahrenheit, but the dryness of the cold makes it tolerable. The number of sessions, she explained, depends on the individual.

Andrea interviewed Terry Doyle following her treatments, asking her how she felt. Terry said “I feel excellent. I sleep like a baby. There is no pain and my femur does not swell anymore.” Kathi Fentress noted that you might consult with your physician to see if the Cryosauna is for you.

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