By Jen Picciano

BEREA, OH (WOIO) – LeBron James uses it, and claims cryotherapy helps players heal faster. The Cavs practice facility even has its own cryo sauna now. But non-athletes can benefit from using it, as well.

Cryotherapy is helping weekend warriors and professional athletes alike, heal faster.

“It’ll cut muscle recovery time down to 72 from 24 hours, which is significant for an athlete that’s on the go every day, to get their muscles moving again so their performance can stay at the level it needs to be,” said Mary Riley, owner of Synergy Sports Therapy in Berea.

She says several Browns players have been clients for years.

But people with chronic inflammatory conditions can also benefit, along with surgical patients.

“We’ve seen some tremendous results from people that have used it before to get ready, and after. It reduces swelling and cuts recovery time,” said Riley.

Client Jennifer Miller was recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis.

“It’s helped with the anti-inflammatory benefits, keeping my swelling down and not having any issues with any flare ups,” she said.

It’s something her husband, Cavs forward Mike Miller, also benefits from.

“It’s something that he has done for most of his career. And I think it’s one of the things that has helped him have such a long career,” she said.

The cryo sauna has also been reported to tighten and refresh collagen, making skin look younger over time.

Riley says they go through about 230 liters of liquid nitrogen a day, doing between 15 and 20 three-minute sessions.

The chamber drops down to -150 degrees Celsius, but you’ll burn 500 to 800 calories a session. It also kicks up endorphins, providing an energy boost, even helping with depression issues.

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