24 Mar 2011

by Gena Hamshaw

About the Author

Gena is a 20-something living in Manhattan who eats a semi-raw, all-vegan diet. Choosing Raw is a forum for people of all backgrounds to discuss vegan nutrition, body image and health.

People love to talk about “detox” and “cleansing,” often without a real sense of what the words mean. Here’s what I can tell you, based upon experience and observation:

Detox/cleansing is the process by which our cells, organs, tissues, and digestive system begin to release the waste and toxins we’ve accumulated from our environment and consumption.

We accumulate toxins constantly. They build up from exposure to chemicals, pollution, carcinogens in our environment, and most of all, from improperly digested and unhealthy foods. Even the simple processes of digestion and metabolism release toxic byproducts. Our bodies are naturally equipped to deal with these toxins, of course: the human body is magnificently smart, and it’s designed to clean up its own mess. But here’s the thing: because we’re all exposed to hundreds of toxins nowadays in addition to the toxins we create ourselves, our clean up systems are often overtaxed.

The good news is that we can help our livers and other organs in the detoxification process by eatnig whole, unprocessed, alkaline foods, by lessening our drinking, smoking, and drug use, and by treating our bodies with care (i.e., lots of sleep, less stress).

Many people find that, when they start to eat more raw food, they feel unwell. Raw foodists claim that this is the body’s release of toxicity: I think there’s some truth to this claim, but that it’s often confused with other things, and that more research is necessary. Whatever the case, if you do feel unwell as you start to eat more raw, make sure you’re getting proper dietary balance.

If you are, and still feel so-so, you may want to consider colon hydrotherapy from a good processional…

Read more at: http://www.thenutritionpost.com/eatright/digestion-what-is-detoxificationcleansing-3.html

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