Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Better Bowel Care, by Bernard Jensen

“I’ve heard about Bernard Jensen for some time, and was excited to finally read one of his books.  I’d love to read a few others some day, but this is the only one I could find through my library.

Dr. Jensen’s Guide to Better Bowel Care is just what is says.  It’s a guide to taking care of your bowels.

He was a chiropractor for some time, but was frustrated that he could only provide his patients with temporary relief.  They all had to come back again and again. Man, I hear that frustration!  So, naturally, he started doing more research and ended up believing that the majority of modern diseases are due, in part, to a clogged, unhealthy colon.  Makes sense to me!

So, as most doctors in his situation, he came up with a protocol to help heal just such problems.  And eventually, he wrote a book about what he learned about it all.

As seems to nearly always be the case, he believes in a mostly vegetarian diet.  Protein and fat are evil, while in the same breath he acknowledges that they are necessary for life.  But, I was able to read and ignore what I thought was wrong, while enjoying the rest.

He starts out by sharing his story of learning and healing through bowel cleansing. And then he goes on to explain the biology of the colon. But in very readable terms.  He has a chapter on ‘The Neural-Arc Reflex’ , which is something he developed on his own.  It’s really fascinating. He found that problems in various parts of the body were almost always associated with a problem in a certain section of the bowel.  And he found they corresponded to the development in the womb. It was pretty cool actually.  He had some pictures of fetal development and what parts of the body were connected to which parts of the bowel.

The scientific and clinical information was all very compatible and interesting.

He has a 7 day Cleansing Program, which he suggests you follow up with a 7 week building and replacement program.  His cleanse uses a colema twice a day, with a bunch of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and herbs.  His building and replacement program includes regular colemas, and some other vitamins, minerals, etc, along with a mostly vegetarian diet.

I really can’t bring myself to use supplements for the most part. But it’s fun to read these things and see what I have learned to include in our diets on a regular basis, that are similar in function.

He ends the book with nutritional info and some tips on fasting, etc.

I was fascinated by the colema concept.  It’s basically like doing color hydro therapy at home.  It gets in further then the enema and you can expel at the same time as the water is coming.  Allowing for more of a ‘flow’ then just in, and then out.  Interesting….  It costs around $300, which is about the same as a few sessions.  It won’t happen here, but I like the concept.

Did you know that the average bowel has 10 pounds of fecal matter encrusted on the side?  10 lbs!!!  That’s a lot of extra weight, and causes a lot of extra toxins and damage to the entire body.  He talked about how some cadavers were cut open to see their large intestines, and the hole is supposed to be 12 inches in diameter, for the food to go through, but some were only 2 inches.  Yikes!

The diseases he associated with bowel disorder were numerous.  Asthma, hypertension, placenta problems, arthritis, cancer, psychological disorders, neurological disorders.  Everything is affected by the bowel.  If food is not digested properly, then the rest of the body does not get what it needs.  Plus, the bowel causes a lot of toxins to circulate through the body, rather then ushering it out as it’s supposed to, which can cause problems anywhere in the body as well.

Here are some quotes I enjoyed:

‘Some people will pay anything to get well after they have become sick.  However, we find that no matter how much money we may have, we cannot buy health.  It’s not for sale by anyone at any price.  The truth is that you have to earn health.  You must work for it.’

‘As a body becomes increasingly toxic, proper oxygenation cannot take place in the tissues.  Without oxygen, the body loses energy, and the tired body continues its downward spiral.  A tired body has a reduced ability to throw off toxins, which is why toxic sick people are always tired people.’

‘After 23 years of observation, he concluded that toxemia of gastrointestinal-tract origin is the underlying cause of asthma.  Allan Eustis, M.D., said “I believe the results of treatment justify my position.”‘

‘Intestinal toxemia and eclampsia in pregnancy are linked’

‘Minerals are the most important structural elements in the body.  Although the majority of people think of vitamins and enzymes as being the most important nutrients required by humans, it is minerals that constitute the essential components of the structure of tissues.  Vitamins and enzymes facilitate chemical reactions and processes in the body, but do not constitute the structure of tissues.  Minerals, on the other hand, are the basic components of tissues.  Although your automobile certainly needs gasoline and oil in order to function, it’s composition and strength are largely due to the steel and other structural materials.   When there is a structural failure, you need to replace a part, not just add fuel and oil’  Hence my objection to vegetarian diets.  The minerals and building elements are mostly found in animal food.  Without them, you can detox til you’re gone, but there is no building up of the body, which is equally important.

‘Some health professionals believe that urine retention and its effects on blood chemistry may be linked to the beginning of arthritis and join troubles, esp as we grow older.  Circulation toxic materials tend to settle in the areas of the body farthest from the heart because the circulation is poorest there.  The toxins often affect the joins in the arms, legs, feet, and hands.  Arthritics usually complain of pain and stiffness in the extremities.’  His answer is to consume more good salt and less bad salt.

‘Laxatives and pain relievers are the largest selling over-the-counter medications in America’.

‘The colon is extremely sensitive and is influenced greatly by every emotion, both positive and negative.  It has been proven that unpleasant emotions can interfere with the peristalsis of the colon, regardless of how slight the excitement, anxiety, or apprehension is.  This is because the brain sends as well as receives nerve impulses.’

‘Cancer and many other degenerative diseases develop more readily when the body’s immune system is depressed.’  If we can help strengthen our kids’ immune systems, we can help bring down their chances of cancer as adults.  Isn’t that worth it?

‘The major symptoms of ileocecal-valve dysfunction are low-back and hip problems, caused by the weakening of the muscles in the lower-right quadrant of the abdomen.  Varying consistency of the stool with a tendency toward diarrhea and dark circles under the eyes are also symptoms of a dysfunctional ileocecal valve.’  Hum… I wonder about this for me. I’ll have to research that ileocecal-valve thingy.  My chiropractor seemed to think it could be an issue with me.  Where would I find information on that?!?

I wonder how many of today’s symptoms could be fixed, or at least lessened, if we were to take better care of our colons.  Of course, I know the answer is MANY!

I shall carry on, trying to take care of my own and my families.”
Posted by Sarah at 7:00 AM

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