Hi I’m Morie Frank.  Let me introduce myself. I was born in San Francisco, California, and have had a passion for interior design and decor as well as creating art since childhood. I have had the privilege and sheer enjoyment to work on varying types of design themes such as Morie and Flower smallContemporary, Victorian, Tuscan, European, shabby chic, vintage, industrial, Native American, African, and other specific requests such as fairytale/fantasy girls’ rooms, burlesque, Victoria’s Secret feminine powder rooms, eclectic decor, country, sports/athletic, oceanic/seaside and other varying themes clients have requested. I also worked on varying color schematics that clients desired. I also enjoy craft shows which affords me the fun opportunity to display my craftsmanship. I am a regular vendor at the Annual Burke Festival in September as well as the Annual Audrey Moore Holiday craft show in December. I work very closely with my seamstress sister in law,

Yolanda Van Dyke, who implements my designs of window treatments, furniture upholstery, accent pillows, accent table cloths and such. I have enjoyed working with the proprietor of Help for Health, Kathi Fentress!  She is a very kind and has a passion for helping people live a full, pain free, healthy life style as well as helping them feel good about themselves. She has a gift of putting people at ease and making them just relax and slow down the frantic pace of life. That is why I truly believe that having a health spa with all her education, experience and compassion is the perfect fit for who she is!! The interior design and decor for Help for Health is an ongoing effort and I look forward to our ongoing projects together to continue to make Help for Health a place that enhances the inner health and outer beauty for which Kathi Fentress strives!!

The Sakura Garden Suite – the Asian Suite For the V Steam treatments



























Smith-Dawson Body-Sculpture Suite

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